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Museo della Guerra, Castel del Rio (BO)

War and Gothic Line Museum

The War Museum in Castel del Rio was established in 1978 by a voluntary association based in Castel del Rio which started collecting war material found in the Santerno Valley.

Palazzo e giardino Vescovile, Imola (BO)

Diocesan Museum and secret garden

In Imola, the building opposite the Cathedral of San Cassiano once housed the offices and quarters of the high prelates of the town Curia; it was they who, from 1766 until the mid-19th century, embellished the rosso and verde apartments, the hall of honour and the portrait gallery.

Museo Checco Costa, Imola (BO)

Checco Costa Museum

The Imola Racetrack Checco Costa Museum is the exposition space in the evocative location of Enzo and Dino Ferrari Racetrack. The temporary exhibitions explore the Imola area excellences, ideas, emotions and technologies of this part of Romagna.

Museo Geologico della Vena del Gesso Romagnola_Logo

Geological Museum of Vena del Gesso Romagnola

The museum is housed in the Baronial Palace, formerly the feudal residence of the Altemps. It was rebuilt after the war and restored in order to be used as a museum.

Museo Civico Medicina (BO), Laboratorio del Liutaio A. Poggi

Medicina Civic Museum

Housed in the Palazzo della Comunità, the former town hall, the Civic Museum hosts an extensive archaeological section (Bronze Age, Roman and Medieval). It also includes the 19th century Hospital Pharmacy, the workshop of the luthier A. Poggi and the A. Borgonzoni Art Gallery, home to over 100 paintings by the renowned Medicina-born artist.

Archivio Giuseppe Mengoni, Fontanelice (BO), fotografia di Anna Maria Guccini

Giuseppe Mengoni Archive

The former town hall houses the Giuseppe Mengoni Archive, a museum dedicated to the renowned architect born in Fontanelice on 23 November, 1829.

Palazzo Tozzoni, Imola (BO)

Palazzo Tozzoni

Visiting the residence-cum-museum of Palazzo Tozzoni is like time travel. It takes visitors directly to bygone centuries, immersing them in the life of an aristocratic family

Museo di San Domenico,

San Domenico Museum

The San Domenico Museum is located in the former Dominican convent of Imola, one of the most important buildings in the historic center. The museum offers visitors diversified exhibition itineraries, from the city's art collections to the surprising Giuseppe Scarabelli Museum.