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The Wine Trail

Posted on 15 December 2023

Enoteca Regionale ER, Dozza (BO)

The Wine Trail is a short tour available all year round. Walk along the geometrically arranged vine rows, which create a distinctive pattern on the gentle Imola slopes, and you will come across panoramic views and charming natural sceneries.

Information boards dotted along the Wine Trail display interesting facts and details about the landscape, such as the Yellow Sands used by renowned geologist Giuseppe Scarabelli, the numerous species of local fauna and the construction of Dozza’s 19th-20th century aqueduct. During the tour you will be able to touch the vineyards and indulge in tasting the local wines directly from the wineries. Albana, Sangiovese, Pignoletto e Trebbiano are just three of the many grape varieties that tell of the winemaking traditions of the Imola Hills.

The tour begins and ends at the Emilia Romagna Regional Winery. Three wineries are part of the Trail: Società Agricola Gandolfi Marco e Andrea, Azienda Agricola Assirelli “Cantina da Vittorio” and Cantina Cenni&Assirelli.