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Tenuta di Montericco Pasolini dall'Onda


Pasolini dall'Onda, family from Ravenna, resident in Rome and Ravenna was known in Bologna from the thirteenth century.

Pasolino dall'Onda was Consul of Monte Paderno, on behalf of Frederick II he worked  for the settlement of Montefeltro in Urbino (1232).


His son Bartolo, was imperial captain and  keeper of Ravenna.

After leaving Bologna for the win (1270) of the Guelphs on Ghibellines , the family took refuge in Cotignola where long struggled with Attendoli, then Sforza family.

 Then the family went to Bologna, Imola, Faenza and Cesena.  

Martino retired in 1396 in the castle in Russi and in Ravenna, where the family  held hereditary magistracies, until the end of the eighteenth century and  where they still reside in the old family home. 

The sister of Archbishop Antonio Codronchi, churchman and political,  married Count Pasolini Dall’Onda of Ravenna and inherited Montericco.

The Family dall'Onda Pasolini was known for his contacts with the French Enlightenment, for its culture and its political ideas that led to liberalism.


Among the well-known descendants Giuseppe Pasolini was Constitutional Minister of Pope Pius IX and Vice President of the High Council (1847-1848), Standard bearer of Ravenna (1858), Governor of Milan (1860), Minister of Foreign Affairs (1862-1863) and President of the Senate (1876); Pier Desiderio (1844-1920), historian, author of "Ravenna and its great memories," Senator of the Kingdom, Guido (1880-1963), historian, published the important correspondence Pasolini-Menghetti, Senator the Kingdom, Niccolò Pasolini (1931) dell'ADSI founder, Italian Historic Houses Association and Desideria Pasolini (1920) and founder of Italia Nostra.


Address: Via Monterico, 9 - 40026 Imola (BO)

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VI° Concours International de Bratislava 1989:
Grand Diplôme d'Honneur et Médaille d'or pour Villa Montericco (Albana) 1982.

Wein-Prämierung concours de vins Zürich 1986:
Silber Medaille für Sangiovese di Romagna Riserva D.O.C. 1979.
Ehrendiplom für Sangiovese di Romagna D.O.C. 1984.


Tel e fax: +39 0542 40054 


Opening hours: The park, the vineyards and the garden are accessible from may,15th to june,30th and from september,8th to october,8th preferably on friday afternoons and saturday mornings.

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