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Zuppa inglese (trifle)


Ingredients (for 8-10 people):

17-18 Savoy biscuits,
6 yolks,
6 spoonfuls of sugar,
6 spoonfuls of 00 type flour,
6 milk glasses,
3 spoonfuls of sweet chocolate,
1 teaspoon of bitter chocolate,
rum and alchermes.

Preparation (medium):
Heat the milk in a casserole. Meanwhile prepare the chocolate cream in another container. Beat 3 yolks with 3 spoonfuls of sugar. While stirring, add 3 spoonfuls of flour, the sweet chocolate and the bitter chocolate and amalgamate well. Add gradually 3 glasses of hot milk and put over low heat. Cook the paste stirring constantly preventing it from boiling. When the cream is ready, remove from the heat and allow it to cool down. In the meantime prepare another cream following the above mentioned procedure, but without adding chocolate. Halve lengthwise the Savoy biscuits and put them in the bowl. Pour the same quantity of rum and alchermes and add a little water. Line the mould with a layer of Savoy biscuits, pour the chocolate cream, arrange another layer of biscuits leaving a bit of space between them, pour the other cream, cover again with the biscuits and refrigerate a few hours before serving.


Recommended matches:
Garganelli dressed with ragù romagnolo, pork roast, Parma-style thistles or maltagliati with beans, guinea-fowl seasoned with herbs, stuffed courgettes.


Matching wine:
Albana di Romagna passito.


3 small casseroles, 2 wooden spoons, wire whisk, rectangular mould, bowl, knife.

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