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Chestnuts tagliolini



300 g chestnut flour,

200 g wheat flour,

4-5 eggs.

Preparation (medium- 45 min.): 

Knead chestnut flour with eggs.

Roll out a thin pastry and cut very fine noodles.
Cook in salted boiling water and dress with ground walnuts and melted butter.



Regional wine: Albana di Romagna Secco D.O.C.G. Maturo – Romagna

National wine: Soave Classico D.O.C. Superiore Maturo – Veneto.


Recipe supplied by: Consorzio Castanicoltori di Castel del Rio c/o comunità Montana della Valle del Santerno.
Via Mengoni, 2 - 40025 Fontanelice (Bo).

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Last update: 18-10-2013