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Risotto with Pecorino and Pear Sauce


Ingredients (for 4 people):

400g Carnaroli rice,
1 small white onion,
100g grated pecorino,
50g grated Parmigiano Reggiano,

50g pecorino chips,
2 pears of the Decana variety,
1 knob of chilled butter,
1 knob of butter,
1 spoonful of extra virgin olive oil,
1 glass of a dry and aromatic white wine,
chicken broth,
salt and pepper to taste.

Preparation (medium - 45 min.):
Chop finely the onion and fry it until it is golden-coloured (not browned). Add the rice and toast it over medium heat, stirring constantly. Soak with white wine allowing it to dissolve. Add some broth from time to time and continue to stir. Season with additional salt if necessary. Peel and dice the pears. Melt a knob of butter in a small frying pan and brown the pears over a brisk flame. Season them with salt and pepper, then keep them warm. Two minutes before rice is cooked, add the grated cheese and the chilled knob of butter. Mix all the ingredients and cover to let risotto rest for about 3-4 minutes. Pour risotto in individual dishes and garnish with golden cubes of pear and pecorino chips.



Knife, frying pan, grater.

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