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Chestnuts: Typical recipes.


Preparations (easy):

Brusé – flambé chestnuts

Clean chestnuts and cut the peel on the rounded side.

Put them in a pierced pan (brusadûr) and cover them with a moisted dish-cloth.
Put the pan on low bright fire and move chestnut from time to time avoiding chestnuts to burn.

Serve very hot.


Baked chestnuts

Clean and cut the chestnuts as in the previous recipe.
Pour them in a pan and bake in preheaten oven at high temperature.

Serve very hot.


Boiled chestnuts

1 kg di Castel del Rio chestnuts
2 leaves of laurel
a pinch of salt
Cook in hot salted water with laurel.

Serve hot.


Recipes supplied by: Consorzio Castanicoltori di Castel del Rio c/o comunità Montana della Valle del Santerno.

Via Mengoni, 2 - 40025 Fontanelice (Bo)

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