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Green Lasagne Filled with Bolognese Ragù


Ingredients (for 6-8 people):

For the dough:
300g 00 type flour,
300g spinach,
2 eggs,
a pinch of salt.

For the ragù:
100g pork loin,
100g lean beef,
100g Prosciutto di Parma,
100g chicken livers,
50g butter,
100g grated Parmigiano Reggiano,
50g bacon,
1 spoonful of tomato sauce,
1 glass of water,
½ glass of cream,
1 small onion,
1 carrot,
1 stalk of celery,
1 small truffle,

For the béchamel sauce:
50g flour,
50g butter,
½ lt of milk,


Preparation (difficult):
Chop the pork, beef and the ham. Peel, wash and chop together the carrot, the celery, the onion and the bacon. Pour the mixture into the terracotta casserole with 50g butter, simmer for a few minutes, then add the minced meat. Allow to brown for a few minutes, then add the tomato sauce previously dissolved in water. Add a pinch of salt and some pepper and cook over low heat for about one hour stirring occasionally and, if necessary, add some water. In the meanwhile, peel and wash well the spinach under the running water, allow them to boil with water adhering to them after washing, drain and let them cool down. Squeeze the spinach dry to eliminate any water and pass them through a sieve. Pour the flour on the kneading board, add the spinach, the salt and the eggs, knead well for about 10 minutes until the dough is elastic and firm. Roll the dough out as thin as possible with a rolling pin, cut pieces as wide as the pan with the pasta cutter and allow them to boil in plenty of salted water. Drain when they are underdone (“al dente”) and immerse them for a while into a basin filled with cold water, drain again and set them on a dish-cloth. Prepare the béchamel sauce with butter, flour, milk, salt and pepper. Remove any fat from the chicken livers, mince them and add to the ragù, which should be cooked at this point. Cook for about 5 minutes, then add the cream and the brushed, washed and finely sliced truffle. Stir, add salt and pepper to taste and remove from the heat. Grease the bottom of the pan, set a piece of pasta and cover with some ragù and béchamel sauce. Sprinkle with cheese, add another piece of pasta, then add ragù, béchamel sauce and Parmigiano Reggiano again. Repeat until all the ingredients are finished. Place a final layer of pasta topped with a little béchamel sauce and sprinkle with Parmigiano Reggiano. Put the pan into the oven (pre-heated to 180°C) and allow lasagne to cook for about 30 minutes. Serve them hot.


Recommended matches: Roasted rabbit or fried fish from the Adriatic sea, stuffed courgettes, spongata.


Matching wine: Sangiovese Giovane Colli d'Imola.


Mincer, chopping board, terracotta casserole, 2 wooden spoons, half-moon knife, tureen, ladle, pot, colander, sieve, rolling pin, pasta cutter, oven pan, small casserole, dish-cloth, basin, small knife, truffle brush, truffle slicer, grater.

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Last update: 18-10-2013