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Garganelli dressed with Romagna meat sauce


Garganelli al Ragù di Romagna


Ingredients (for 4 people):

For the dough:
300g of 00 type flour,
3 eggs,
1 handful and ½ of grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese,
a pinch of grated nutmeg,
a pinch of salt.

For the ragù:
200g ripe small tomatoes,
150g chicken livers,
80g veal loin,
50g butter,
180g béchamel sauce,
130g Prosciutto di Parma,
½ small onion,
½ carrot,
a leaf of parsley,
a pinch of grated nutmeg and one of powdered cinnamon,
¼ l meat broth,
2 spoonfuls of dry Marsala, salt and pepper.

Preparation (difficult):
Place the flour in a fountain on the kneading board, add the salt and break the eggs in the middle. Knead vigorously the dough, add the grated Parmigiano Reggiano and the nutmeg. Knead again the dough, then roll it rather thin with a rolling pin. Cut it into squares 8x8cm with a pasta cutter. Roll each square on the stick diagonally and pass it over the “comb” to provide it with horizontal ridges. Set garganelli on a dish-cloth covered with flour. Repeat for as many squares as you have. The result will be blunt macaroni similar to penne. Start to prepare the ragù. peel and chop the onion, the carrot and the parsley. Put the chopped vegetables in the medium-sized casserole with 30g of butter and allow them to brown over medium-low heat. Mince the meat and the chicken livers, add them to the vegetables, season with salt and pepper and soak with Marsala. Remove the pips from the tomatoes, mince them and add them to the mixture of vegetables and meat. Mix well, add the béchamel sauce, the nutmeg and the cinnamon. Cook the ragù over moderate heat for about 30 minutes soaking it now and then with some broth. In the meantime, grind the ham and allow it to brown in the other casserole with the remaining butter. Add the ham to the ragù when cooking is almost complete. Cook garganelli in plenty of salted boiling water, drain them when underdone (“al dente”) and season in the soup-tureen with the ragù. Fresh or dried versions of garganelli are also available.

Matching wine: Aged Rosso Colli d'Imola.


Rolling pin, pasta cutter, utensils for making garganelli (“comb” and wooden stick) dish-cloth, pot, chopping board, medium-sized casserole, small casserole, wooden spoon, small knife, half-moon knife, pointed knife, ladle, colander, soup-tureen and grater.

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