Provincia di Bologna



150 g flour,
200 g honey,
2 eggs,
3 spoons of sugar,
4 spoons of olive oil,
cooking oil,
sugar in grains,
powdered cinnamon

Recommended honey: Millefiori.

Preparation (Difficult - 45 min.):
On a pastry board, knead the flour with eggs, sugar, and olive oil to obtain a soft dough.
Take some pasta and form strings, then cut in pieces as small as chickpeas.
Fry some of them in hot oil until they're browing, then put them draining on blotting paper.
Heat honey in a round pan until it browns. Add the pieces of fried pasta and melt well with a wooden spoon.
Pour on a moistened marble board and shape the mixture as a doughnut.
Garnish with almond fillets, zugar in grains and cinnamon.

Recipe supplied by: Osservatorio Nazionale produzione e mercato del miele.
Via Matteotti, 72 - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (Bo)

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