Provincia di Bologna

Castagnaccio (Chestnut cake)


Ingredients (for 8 people):

500g chestnut flour,
grated rind of ½ lemon,
enough lukewarm water,
a pinch of sodium bicarbonate,
100g sugar,
dried figs,
pine nuts,
raisins and almonds (150g in all).

For the cake-pan:
butter and enough breadcrumbs.

Preparation (easy):
Sieve the flour, pour it in the tureen and melt it completely. Add enough lukewarm water and combine until the mixture is rather firm and lump-free. Grind all the dried fruit and add it to the chestnut flour mixing well all the ingredients. Butter the cake-pan, sprinkle it with breadcrumbs and pour the mixture in. Pre-heat the oven to 160°C and bake for about an hour. You can also pierce a stick in the dough. Remove when it is dry and clean.


Matching wine:
Semi-sweet Cagnina.


Sieve, tureen, wooden spoon, chopping board, half-moon knife, 26cm diameter cake-pan, wooden stick, grater.

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