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Colli d'Imola Pignoletto D.O.C.


Regional Designation of Origin

The Pignoletto designation is attributed exclusively to wines produced with at least 85% of grapes coming from the same-named vine variety. The remaining 15% is made up of white grape from authorized and recommended vine varieties in the province of Bologna. Pignoletto is a light straw-coloured wine with occasional greenish reflections. The bouquet is winy, delicate and distinctive. The taste is slightly sweet and harmonic. The total minimum alcohol content of the is 11.50° and it should be served at 8-10°C. Pignoletto also comes into the sparkling type.


Legal reference:
The DOC Colli d’Imola wines were established by a Decree on 1 July 1997.

Growing techniques:
The suitable soil is well-exposed, medium-texture and clayey, usually calcareous. Vineyards are allowed to be irrigated not more than twice a year. The maximum production per hectare is 11 tons with a grape yield not higher than 70%. The minimum number of plants per hectare is 3,330 (for the new vineyards).

Production area :
It includes the vine-growing areas located in the municipalities of Fontanelice, Borgo Tossignano, Casalfiumanese, Imola, Dozza, Castel San Pietro Terme and Ozzano dell’Emilia. As for the municipalities of Imola, Dozza, Castel San Pietro Terme and Ozzano dell’Emilia, the downstream boundary is marked by Highroad No. 9 Via Emilia .

Food matches:
Ideal with light starters, fish and white meat. An excellent aperitif, it is also suitable with piadina romagnola, local cold cuts and oil-preserved Scalogno di Romagna (Romagna-grown scallot).

Protection association:

Ente Tutela Vini di Romagna Garibaldi, 2 - 48018 Faenza (Ra) 
Tel. +39 0546 28455 - Fax +39 0546 665063

Comitato D.O.C. Colli d'Imola

via Boccaccio, 27 - 40026 Imola (BO) 
Tel.+39 0542 602400 -  Fax +39 0542 602426

Related events:
"Calici di Stelle" (Wine under the stars) – Imola, Dozza, Fontanelice.

“Prova d’assaggio dei Vini dell’Imolese” a competition among the wines produced in Imola’s area. Wine tasting also takes place under the guide of professional sommeliers of A.I.S. (The Italian Association of Sommeliers). It is held during Baccanale, a festival featuring cultural initiatives as well as events related to wine and food. 

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