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Pesca di Romagna I.G.P.


Protected Geographical Indication

The peach-tree belongs to the Rosaceae family. Pesca di Romagna IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) comes from different varieties, both with yellow and white pulp. As it contains a high quantity of water, it is fleshy and very juicy. It is also rich in soluble pectin, which is helpful in controlling the cholesterol and glycemic levels. Pesca di Romagna contains various organic acids which are responsible for its pleasant taste. It is rich in vitamin A (which increases hair growth and strength) and potassium (which ensures the good functioning of heartbeat and muscular contraction beside having a soothing effect).


Legal reference:
EC Regulation No. 134/98 (20.01.1998)

Growing techniques:
Pesca di Romagna grows best in medium-textured soils. The most common spacing plantation layouts are the traditional ones. In new orchards, the planting density does not exceed 2,000 trees per hectare and the maximum production is 3,5 tons per hectare. The size of the trees should guarantee high quality fruits. Trees are pruned once in winter and twice in summer. At least three harvests should take place without spoiling the peaches and fruits are preserved through refrigeration. Moisture and temperature inside refrigerators are intended to retain the specific features of the fruits. When sold, Pesca di Romagna should exhibit a minimum diameter of 25 mm and a sugar content equal to 11° Brix.

Production area :
The production area covers part of the provinces of Ferrara, Bologna, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini and Ravenna. In the province of Bologna, Pesca di Romagna grows in the municipalities of Borgo Tossignano, Budrio, Casalfiumanese, Castel Guelfo, Castenaso, Fontanelice, Granarolo dell'Emilia, Imola, Medicina, Minerbio, Molinella and Mordano.

Historical and Geographical Information:
It is believed that the peach-tree was introduced in Europe by Alexander the Great following his military expeditions against the Persians. According to the oldest agriculture treatises, however, this tree comes from central China rather than from Persia (where, actually, no wild peach-tree grows). In China, peach-trees are worshipped as they are considered the trees of good and evil. They spread throughout Italy thanks to the crusaders who imported them in large quantities from the East. Accurate information about this tree was collected by Ibu-Al-Awam from Seville and Pier de Crescenzi from Bologna, two famous agronomists of the Late Middle Ages (13th – 14th centuries).

Protection association:
Centro Sevizi Ortofrutticoli (C.S.O.)
534, Via Bologna - 44040 Chiesuol del Fosso (FE)
Tel. +39 0532 904511 Fax +39 0532 904520

Control body:
Check Fruit
24, Via Boldrini - 40021 Bologna
Tel. +39 051 6494836 - Fax +39 051 6494813

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