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Pera dell’Emilia Romagna I.G.P.


Protected Geographical Indication

Pera dell’Emilia-Romagna IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) comes from 8 varieties of pear-tree, i.e. Abate Fetel, Cascade, Conference, Decana del Comizio, Kaiser, Max Red Bartlett, Passa Crassana and William. The organoleptic qualities vary according to the variety. William is juicy and has a characteristic aroma; Kaiser has a thin, juicy and crisp pulp which is used in many recipes; Abate Fetel is intensely perfumed, tasty and crisp; Decana del Comizio has a slightly acidulous aromatic sweetness and is suitable to be cooked; Conference is firm and juicy with a delicate aroma; Max Red Bartlett is sweet and aromatic with a smooth skin. Pears are very digestible, purifying and contain sugar which even the diabetic can assimilate. They are also very rich in calcium, phosphorous, iron and potassium as well as in vitamins B1, B2, C and PP. Finally, it is low in calories and rich in fibres.


Growing techniques:
The suitable soils are medium-textured or compact. The most common spacing plantation layouts are the traditional ones. In the new orchards, the maximum number of trees per hectare is 3,000. The size of the trees should guarantee high quality fruits. The maximum production is 4.5 tons per hectare. If possible, integrated pest management and organic methods for plant protection should be used. Fruits should be preserved through refrigeration. Moisture and temperature inside refrigerators should vary between 4° and 6°C. Pears should be sold the year following the harvest, between August the 10th and May the 31st.

Production area :
It includes areas which are suitable to pear growing located in the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Modena, Ferrara, Bologna and Ravenna. The production area in the province of Bologna includes three municipalities adhering to the Wine and Flavours Route of Imola’s Hills, i.e. Castel Guelfo, Medicina and Mordano.

Historical and Geographical Information:
Pears are mentioned in a 14th century treatise hand-written by Pier de Crescenzi, an agronomist from Bologna. Pears were grown in today’s production area well before they became known in other parts of Italy. Evidence of this is a fresco entitled “The Virgin with the Pear” which dates back to 1450 and is housed in a municipality of the production area.

Protection association:
Centro Sevizi Ortofrutticoli (C.S.O.)
534, Via Bologna - 44040 Chiesuol del Fosso (FE)
Tel. +39 0532 904511 Fax +39 0532 904520

Control body:
Check Fruit
24, Via Boldrini - 40021 Bologna
Tel. +39 051 6494836 - Fax +39 051 6494813

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