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Pecorino del Pastore


Pecorino del Pastore is a medium-hard cheese made exclusively from ewe’s milk and natural rennet. It is ripened for 4-5 months and is packed in 1-1,5 kilo wheels. If aged for more than 8 months, pecorino is used for grating to add some more flavour to pasta dishes. The interior is pale yellow and quite dense while the rind is usually protected by olive oil or tomato sauce (in other Italian regions, rind is sometimes smoked). The taste is fragrant, sweeter than other types of pecorino. It is produced with high-quality milk coming from the rich pastureland of our hills.


Legal reference:
Traditional products were established by Decree-law 173/98.

Preparation techniques:
Pecorino is one of the most common cheeses in Romagna gastronomy. It is often substituted for Parmigiano in cooking for its characteristic aroma, even to be sprinkled on home-made pasta dressed with a castrato ragù. Pecorino can also be eaten plain with pears, especially in its semi-fresh versions.

Production area :
Throughout the Apennine along Romagna.

Wine matches:
Ripened hard cheeses can be accompanied either by full-bodied and mature red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese or by after-dinner sweet wines such as Albana Passita.

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