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Streghette are a type of smooth, flat and crisp bread with a rectangular or diamond shape. In the local dialect the are called “al stregh” which means “little witches”. They are made from 00 type flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, leaven and water. Streghette should be eaten within two days of preparation, otherwise they loose their fragrance and flavour. They are used to prepare starters or titbits and they are ideal to accompany wine tasting. It is quite common to find streghette together with other types of bread in many restaurants of Imola’s area.


Production area :
Imola’s area.

Historical and geographical information:
Streghette have been produced in Imola for over thirty years on the basis of a common recipe. In particular, Luigi Darchini's bakery has produced streghette since 1964 and still sell them to private consumers as well as restaurants. Since then, streghette have become widespread throughout the town so that today they are regarded as one of Imola’s traditional bakery products.

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