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Salsiccia matta


Salsiccia matta (literally mad sausage, “zambudel”, in the local dialect) is a sausage typical of Romagna made from pork, red meat, shoulder, ribs (where the pig has been throat-cut) and trimmings of pork which is not used to prepare other products. In the past also pork giblets, heart, lung and liver were added. Today these parts are no longer used.


Preparation techniques:
To prepare salsiccia matta, selected meat is put in a mincing-machine to achieve a medium grinding. The mixture is seasoned with salt, pepper, red wine and squeezed garlic. Salsiccia matta is stuffed into a pork casing. Grill it to enhance its savoury taste.

Production area :
The production and processing area includes the provinces of Ravenna, Forlì, Rimini and Bologna.

Wine matches:
Pork-based dishes are usually married with dry or semi-sweet wines, sparkling wines or reds with a high content of acidity such as Barbera. Spicy sausages are matched with full-bodied smooth red wines such as Novello Colli di Imola and Sangiovese di Romagna


Related events:
“Festa del Contadino” (The Farmer’s Festival”) in Sasso Morelli (Imola), on the first Saturday and Sunday of September.

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