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Ravioli (" raviù", in the local dialect) are half-moon shaped biscuits made from short pastry. Ingredients for the dough are flour, eggs and sugar. Ravioli are filled with either jam or mustard and garnishing is made with alkermes and sugar.


Preparation techniques:
Make a short pastry, roll it out and cut it into small disks. Put a teaspoon of mustard or jam in the middle and close to obtain a half-moon shape. Put the ravioli into the oven and, when they are cooked, brush them with alkermes and sprinkle some sugar on them.

Production area :
Province of Bologna.

Historical and geographical information:
The origins of ravioli date back to 1925 when the cattle fair of St Joseph was held in Casalfiumanese on 19th March. Count Alessandretti, the podestà (mayor) of the period, prescribed the distribution of ravioli to the children to involve them in the celebrations. Today, the Festival of the Raviolo is still held in the Casalfiumanese’s main square and includes the traditional throwing of ravioli on the crowd from the towers overlooking the square.

Related events:
Sagra del raviolo (Festival of the Raviolo)– Casalfiumanese, on the Sunday closest to 19 March.

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