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Dairy produce (Casatella, Ricotta, Castel San Pietro)


Soft fresh cheese without rind made from pasteurised full cream cow’s milk. Its production is not exclusively linked to local milk processing. This greatly appreciated cheese is typically sold in 800gr truncated cone blocks.

Ricotta is a typical Italian cottage cheese made from whey. It is used to prepare the filling for tortellini, tortelloni and cannelloni, as well as cakes and starters.

Castel San Pietro:
Castel San Pietro cheese is similar to caciotta from the outside. A suitable ageing, however, makes its texture particularly creamy and imparts it a very pleasant taste.


Preparation techniques:
Curds are cut to obtain rather large lumps containing a good quantity of water. Cheese is then immersed in brine water for one night to eliminate whey and is “stewed” at a low temperature (12°C) to achieve the desired texture. The cold “stewing” technique prevents casatella from becoming too sour and hard. Together with a short ageing period (only 2 days), it is essential to give casatella its typical taste and texture.

Once heated up, whey coagulates and gives origin to different types of ricotta depending on the quantity of fats and mineral salts. Both cow and ewe’s milk can be used.

Castel San Pietro:
It is made from local milk submitted to specific production processes.

Production area :
Castel San Pietro Terme and nearby municipalities (Imola, S. Lazzaro di Savena).

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