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Coppa di Testa


Coppa di testa is a cold cut made from the lean meat lining the pork head, from its cheeks, tongue, pigskin and shoulder muscle.


Preparation techniques:
All the ingredients are cooked in the water for several hours on a brisk fire. The pig’s head is usually cooked whole, without removing the bones so that the meat gets tastier. Cooking is carried on slowly until the meat becomes tender and easy to amalgamate. Then it is seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs before being stuffed into natural casings.

Organoleptic properties:
When cut, the slice of coppa appears compact-textured, and all the different parts are clearly visible.
Aroma: delicate.
Taste: full and spicy.
Colour: rose or different shades of brown with white parts.

Production area :
The traditional production area of coppa includes the provinces of Parma and Piacenza but it is also prepared in the province of Bologna.

Wine matches:
Coppa di testa is best matched with red wines such as Novello Colli di Imola and Barbera Colli di Imola).

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