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Coppa d'Estate


Coppa d’estate is a pork neck salami. The traditional production areas are the provinces of Parma and Piacenza, where coppa has a typical sweet taste. Coppa produced in Romagna is seasoned with pepper, salt and spices such as cinnamon and cloves to impart an inviting delicate taste.


Preparation techniques:
Coppa shares a few production stages with cured ham (salting) and with salami (curing). It is made from the muscles adhering to the pig’s cervical vertebrae and to some of the thoracic ones. After being cut into pieces and trimmed, coppe are left to rest in refrigerators for 24-28 hours before being salted. Salting is achieved sprinkling a mixture of salt, spices and herbs over their surface. At controlled temperature and relative moisture, these flavouring ingredients are absorbed by the meat while water is eliminated. After being massaged, coppe are stored again in refrigerators for 7-8 days. When this period is over, coppe are packaged, i.e. they stuffed into casings to start the drying and curing processes. Curing is suspended when the product reaches the desired maturation, i.e. 90 days for the classic coppe stuffed into a beef casing.

Organoleptic properties:
When cut, the slice of coppa appears compact-textured, not elastic.
Aroma: delicate.
Taste: sweet and spicy, particularly inviting.
Colour: ruby red with white stripes.

Production area :
The traditional production area of coppa includes the provinces of Parma and Piacenza but it is also prepared in the province of Bologna.

Wine matches:
Coppa is best matched with white wines to enhance its delicate taste and aroma (Trebbiano di Romagna and Pignoletto Colli di Imola).


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