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Venison is divided into two categories: the furred game (hares, rabbits, roe deer and wild boars) and the feathered game (partridges, thrushes, skylarks, pheasants, blackbirds, snipes and fig-peckers).


Preparation techniques:
Game is traditionally hung before cooking. Then, the meat is marinated with olive oil, vinegar, wine or beer, herbs and spices to make it softer and to enhance its flavour.

Feathered game:
Younger birds are best eaten if roasted while the older ones are usually stewed, braised or used to prepare pies or patés.

Big furred game:
Roe deer Meat is hung and then marinated, unless the animal is very young. The most delicious cut is the leg, even though the fillet and the saddle are also excellent.

Deer Both the meat and the liver are greatly appreciated. The meat of the youngest animals can be broiled, grilled or larded with strips of pork fat and then roasted.

Wild boar: The meat of the oldest animals should be let becoming high for 2 or 3 days and marinated before cooking. The meat of wild boar is usually roasted.

Production area :
Throughout Romagna.

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