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Banca di Imola - Via San Carlo office


Address: Via San Carlo, 22 - 40023 Castel Guelfo (BO)

Tel. +39 0542 670577

Fax +39 0542 670047

Closing days: Saturday and Sunday.


Castel Guelfo di Bologna is located between Via Emilia and Via San Vitale and therefore there are different directions in neighboring municipalities situated along the two major thoroughfares (deviation from Castel San Pietro Via San Carlo, Toscanella di Dozza, deviation from medicine on San Vitale and Imola).
The nearest railway station is 9 km Castel San Pietro.
The city of Bologna is 32 km.
From Bologna is also possible to follow the "Stradelli Guelfi" to the junction with Provincial Road San Carlo.
From the motorway A14 exit Castel San Pietro Km 7.
From the motorway A14 exit Imola Km 12 (from 'output is advisable to take the Via Selice towards Massa Lombarda-Lugo to the sign).

Agency located close to the industrial area approximately 6 km from the town.


ATM service, exchange office.

Last update: 23-10-2013