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Friendship deal with Sauris (Udine)


The Municipality of Castel San Pietro Terme has established a few years intense friendship with the town of Sauris, placed in the Alps in Friuli, in the province of Udine, well known for its meats and especially the fragrant hams.

The similarities that bind the two different realities are love for the preservation and promotion of typical products, hospitality and health sites.

The relations of cooperation and friendship have led many Castellan people to visit actually Sauris and spend holiday periods, while appreciating the peculiarities of Friuli cuisine.

Also, from Sauris, even if much smaller, in terms of residents, on various occasions citizens and administrators arrived on a visit to Castel San Pietro Terme, showing dozens of old farm equipment during a tourism event of the castle.


Type: Pact of Friendship of national character.
Periods of development:
All year round.
Carrying out:
exchanges of various kinds (cultural - food and wine).
Municipal Administration.
Often for the realization of collaborative efforts we make use of the local Pro Loco.


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