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Twinship with Lovran


The Municipality of Castel San Pietro Terme is twinned since 1983 with the Croatian town of Opatija, (Lovran which was a fraction until the end of the recent war with Serbia) located on the Istrian coast a few kilometers from Rijeka.

Over the years there have been many collaborative initiatives that have been organized by two cities: the cultural traditions in the culinary trade from folk to those sports, the stays of groups of old castle on the coast of Opatija the exchange of knowledge in character administrative link between the two municipalities.


In the years in which the war has bloodied the former Yugoslavia, Opatija and its surroundings, while not directly involved in acts of war, they have hosted up to ten thousand refugees in their hotels.

Priority need at that time was to provide these refugees' basic needs, including food and clothing.

Even at this juncture dramatic Castel San Pietro Terme was able to maintain alive his partnership with various solidarity initiatives, involving companies, associations, individuals and children in Castel San Pietro Terme in a strong burst of generosity.


Particular attention was paid to this orphanage in the town of Lovran, which housed several tens of children orphaned or abandoned by their families.

After the war, the territory of Opatija was split into four different municipalities: the same Opatija, Lovran Matulji, Moscenicka Braga.
Resumed the contacts twin, both with Opatija that the other towns with which it was signed a new twinning agreement.

Relations with Lovran are then continued in recent years, with collaborations and contacts, especially at promotional events organized in different realities.
Particular attention has been paid in recent years by the community and the family castle orphanage Lovran, with hospitality in Castel San Pietro Terme for two short periods of rest for children guests.

There were even economic aid and basic necessities, especially in the crucial moments of the conflict.

The community castle and the Committee pro orphanage they still repeated every year, close to the holiday season, the project "A gift to make them smile" and the delivery to children Lovran a gift basket prepared by the families of Castel San Pietro Terme.


Type: International Twinning.
Periods of development:
All year round.
exchanges of various kinds (cultural, traditional, solidarity).
Municipal Administration.
Often for the realization of collaborative efforts we make use of the local Pro Loco.


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