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Jobs municipal service desk


Address: Piazza xx Settembre, 14 - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

Tel: +39 051 940061

Opening hours: Wednesday from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm and Friday from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Opening periods: All year round, except during the month of August


The Jobs service desk in Castel San Pietro Terme is at at the Conference Centre Scardovi, in premises provided by the Town Council.
The service performs the same type of services provided by the Center for Employment of Imola.
The office is located in the main square in the center of the old town.


-Welcome desk.
-Information on the services offered by the Center for Employment of Imola and the door to the Work of Castel San Pietro Terme.
-Personalized interviews to navigate the world of work and training.
-It also provides a valuable aid for the compilation of the curriculum vitae and provides a cultural mediator for foreigners.
-It also has databases for job search, compulsory education and training, educational choices post-graduate and post graduate courses, competitions and scholarships, training courses.
-Check status of employment
-Master registration list
-Acquisition of the declaration of immediate disponibiliità to work
-Reservation of the interview to take charge Service active search
-Support all'ourself consultation information material of the job offers at ATM
-Enrollment in research laboratories active organized at the Centre for the Use of Imola Management employees
-Reservation of the interview to take charge for the search for a new job
-Collection of training requests by persons employed Talk to take charge
-Preparation and updating of the professional card
-Reference junction application \ offer
-Referral to specialist services
-Returning to training
-Reference to research laboratories active

Last update: 20-10-2013