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Group for the valorisation of Cultural heritage and environment of Sillaro Valley


Gruppo per la Valorizzazione dei Beni Culturali e Ambientali Valle del Sillaro

The group was formed in 1985 to assist in the protection of cultural and environmental heritage of the territory castle and spread the interest and knowledge in schools and among citizens.
The group focuses its activities to all those who are interested in the protection of cultural and environmental heritage, with particular regard to archaeological and historical research.
To join the group you must go to the head office in the evening hours.

The group performs the cataloguing of archaeological sites, reporting to the Archaeological Superintendence of Public or Private Works in areas at risk archaeological survey estimates and collaboration in the excavations.


The most recent and important intervention were:
- Civic Center Osteria Grande Building XVI-XVIII century
- Quarry Garden Granara: Roman Well I ° - VI century and Villanovan necropolis VII century BC
- Podere Due Forni: The Roman site first century A.C. - Third century A.D.
- Piazza XX Settembre: medieval quarter XIII - XIV century
- House Accounts: second century Roman site A.C. - Third century A.D.
- Former Cinema Bios: St. Peter's Church VI century

The group also organizes events and exhibitions.


Address: Piazza Garibaldi, 12 - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

Weekday hours: Monday and Wednesday from 9 pm hours to 11 pm.
Opening times: all year round.

How to get there

How to get to Castel San Pietro Terme


Tel.: +39 051 942270      

Last update: 20-10-2013