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Castel San Pietro Terme music band has its origins in the first half of the last century, when already certain resolutions of the City Council took into consideration the problems of the theater and its philharmonic, a point of pride and success for Castel San Pietro.
The theater, located inside the room Cassero, the monument that characterizes the City since its official birth in 1199, was a popular destination of the nobility of Bologna and music lovers of the whole territory.
Certain other documents on the band go back to the beginning of 1880 and that is why in 1983 the current Corps Band has decided to celebrate the centenary of its business.
An activity which continued without interruption until the Second World War and was resumed only in part at the end of the war.
The Band was reconstituted in 1965, collecting all the music lovers in the area, under the guidance of Di Iorio, followed by teachers and Piastrelloni Ghini.
Since 1984 the Corps Band is directed by Giuseppe Lentini, who graduated in trumpet, band instrumentation and teaching, as well as author of numerous songs, has been able to integrate the old guard of the association with a large number of young musicians trained at the training school music organized by the band itself in collaboration with the municipal administration.

Currently, the Corps Band has over 50 members aged between 12 and 80 years old, has a vast repertoire of music, ranging from opera arias, symphonic, to film music, sacred music and compositions for band and music box.
Striking are the concerts for bands and music box that held a few times a year in the main square of the village, with the unique amalgam between the notes of traditional instruments and an "ensemble" of 55 bells in the bell tower of the place SSCrocifisso, which dominates the square.
In 1993, the Corps Band has successfully participated in the first provincial festival "La Banda più Amata" winning first place.

A special mention deserves the Band of Varignana, an association founded in 1936 by the will of the local parish priest Don Mario Castellini which, with various initiatives, managed to involve tens of young people who devoted themselves to the study of music, self tax themselves to pay the master.

The instruments were purchased thanks to initiatives taken by the parish and offerings of the parishioners, all proud of this new partnership.
The activity of this band was also suspended with the arrival of the war and resumed its activities in 1946 under the guidance of Pavanelli, then finally stopped a few years later.
The Corps Band based at the building of the Middle School F.lli Pizzigotti.
To join the Association should contact the President or the Maestro Giuseppe Lentini.

The Corps Band performs in concert on several occasions, in the city and on a national and international level.
Please parades during religious festivals, civil and popular, civil and religious funerals.
Annually, the Corps Band during the September Castellano offers a concert with the Carillon bell tower of the Sanctuary of the Crucifix.


Address: Viale XVII Aprile, 7 - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

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