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Castel San Pietro Scherma


The story begins in Foggia where Alberto Cataleta and Andrea Terenzio, two saber class, joking about the future, think of opening a company in its fencing.
Life choices of the two boys, but take them on different paths. Andrea Terenzio remains in Foggia, graduated in Physical Education and teaches with successful results and enrollments in the Fencing Club Foggia.
After graduation he decided to accept the offer of the Fencing Club Rome and moved the capital to specialize in Sports Science and Technology at the IUSM of Rome and teach in the most prestigious Fencing Club in Italy.
At the same time he becomes a national referee of foil, epee and saber, winning, young, respect for colleagues and experts.

Alberto Cataleta instead, after a 'national experience in youth and a bronze medal at the World Championships Cadets, he decided to devote himself to study and go to attend the School of Interpreters Forlì.
Stops fence, and begins to arbitrate to round.
 One day he was contacted by the President of the Fencing Club Imola, Lorenzo Muscari, who proposes a partnership to enhance the field of saber.
The collaboration is successful, Alberto began to teach and get good results both in terms of competitive and attendance.


Address: (registered office) Via della Repubblica, 12 - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

How to get there

How to get to Castel San Pietro Terme


Home training: at the Palestra Alberghetti, Via Remo Tosi.

Additional notes

The project FENCING Castel San Pietro Terme was founded by two young instructors who have decided to invest time and energy in teaching and popularizing the sport and the support of a forward-looking sports manager to create a reality sports at the highest technical level and broad participation.
For the first year the aim is to create a large nursery and motivated to achieve good results at regional and national levels.


Tel.: +39 388 6518330

Last update: 20-10-2013