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Centro Sociale Val Quaderna


The Association was founded in 1992 as a meeting and gathering place for the community of Varignana-Palesio. Since 1994 he joined the National Association of Social Centres - Committees elderly and gardens of Bologna.


Address: Via Montecalderaro, 139 loc. Varignana-Palesio - 40024 Castel san Pietro Terme (BO)
Opening hours: every evenings and nights.
Opening season: all year long.

Entry tickets

 Entry tickets: Free entrance.

How to get there

How to get to Castel San Pietro Terme.


The Social Centre is located in an area of green public facilities, in the heart of the village of Palesio.


Features: The Social Centre Val Quaderna is an important reference point for the entire population of young and old in the area.

Benefits from a modern, entirely of wood, with plenty of space inside for public meetings.


Activities: The center will play all kinds of events, we play cards, read newspapers, dancing, playing bingo.

The center also organizes ecologich initiatives, such as the cleaning of the riverbed of the creek near Quaderna.

The center benefits, especially on hot summer evenings, of a large green space.


Tel.: +39 051 6957142    

Last update: 21-10-2013