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Giovanni Domenico Trifogli (1675 - 1759) - Cosimo Morelli (1732 - 1812)


Imola was fortunate enough to have architects and master builders, originally from Switzerland, and linked by family bonds, who were able to provide an expert and united group of labourers who helped change architectural design of the town. Domenico Trifogli arrived in Imola and in 1704 he was offered the task of restoring the cript of the Cathedral. From that moment until the middle of the century he worked intensely in town, producing some of the most important civil works as well as religious ones, such as the Conti Codronchi Mansion, near the fortress, the renovation of the facade of the Church and monastery of the Carmine, the construction of Palazzo Tozzoni and the monastery of the Clarisse (in Via Cavour). His nephew Domenico Morelli followed his teachings, and so did afterwards his son Cosimo, who became one of the most prolific architects of the Papal State around the middle of the 1700’s. This was due to the fact of his relationship with the church and of his ability to interpret and develop with good taste the tendencies of the period. He could also count on the services of precious collaborators such as local painters as Alessandro Dalla Nave, Antonio Villa and Angelo Gottarelli. Among Cosimo’s most famous works are the completion of the facade of the municipal building, the hospital, out of the town walls, the renovation of the facade in neo - classical style of the Church of S. Maria in Regola, and the theatre of Cavalieri Associati – which was unfortunately destroyed in the fire of 1797.

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