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Andrea Raccagni (1921 - 2005)


From the very start in 1946 Andrea Raccagni’s works were the result of a restless and non-conformist personality. His first paintings were due to the influence of the pre-informal and later rational-geometric and finally surrealist currents; these experiences helped him develop his own personal artistic expression, aimed at exploring – by means of an endless variety of materials – the clash between rationality and irrationality, light and darkness, hence the great enigma of life

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IAT - Tourist Information Office Municipality of Imola

Galleria Centro Cittadino

via Emilia 135 - 40026 Imola (BO)

Tel: +39 0542 602207; Fax: +39 0542 602141


Opening times: Monday to Friday 8.30am-1.00pm; Tuesday also 3.00pm-6.00pm;

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