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Canterini and Danzerini of Romagna


They preserve and spread the memory of the traditional songs and dances of the area, in the belief that this can help to strengthen the ties of a community.


Historical origins:
"Camerata dei Canterini Romagnoli" was established in 1927 at Imola by Pietro Tarabusi and administrators of the Circle of Artisans.

At that time it was the unique association that realised cultural and recreational activities, outside the official culture of the regime.

The association included an orchestra and a group of ocarina players.

The foundations were laid by Tarabusi that met with his friends - Nino Zani (who played guitar), Roberto Bassi and some singers of Imola's theatre - in the shop of Luigi Enrico Ravanelli, craftsman carpenter who had workshop in Via S. Croce (now Zampieri) known as "Capela d'or".

Balilla Pratella, musician and expert in ethnophony, was the godfather of the initiative.
Canterini were directed at the beginning by Maestro Antonio Montanari, and later by MaestroTuribio Baruzzi.

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