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The valleys of Medicina


The valleys of Medicina extend to the north of the town and include the villages of Fiorentina, Sant'Antonio and Buda. Itineraries:
The street that leads to Fiorentina starts from Fasanina toward the roundabout of Villa Fontana.
Fiorentina is a relatively new settlement and, according to Simoni, takes its name from the Florentine cavalry, allied to Bologna that was defeated there by the papal arms of Nicolò from Tolentino in 1428.

Before arriving near the town, the CNR radiotelescope can be seen to the east: “Croce del Nord”, a long line of pylons, and a big rotating satellite dish compose the structure.

In the northern part of the territory, parallel to Portonuovo, there is the village of S. Antonio.
It was an ancient valley area at the confluence of Idice, Quaderna and Gaiana streams, not far from the medieval "Tower of cavalry port" (or horses).
Because of the increasing difficulty of the population to reach the parish of Fiorentina, Pepoli family rebuilt and enlarged the seventeenth-century oratory and in 1790, after many obstacles, gained the recognition to erect it in parish.
On via S. Vitale, between Ganzanigo and Crocetta, starts via Nuova, the long straight road that leads into the lowlands.

A few kilometers after passing the village of Via Nuova and the Canal of Emilia-Romagna, you get to Buda, where the road branches off in via Buda and via del Signore.

All the lands to the north of these two roads are called "larghe" (wide lands), that are extensive cultivations, estates of Partecipanza di Medicina, lead by big cooperative or private farms.

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