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Settefonti - Villafontana / Medicina


Getting to Settefonti you can find a park on your right. Follow the sheep-track until you get to a gravelly path on the right.
Ride along up to the village of Palesio.
On your right you can find two old columns and wrought iron gate. It was the entrance of a villa.
Take the path next to the gate and go straight until, turning on your left, you get again on the surfaced street.
Cross the street and take the part that leads to Quaderna stream. Ford it, and go straight up to Monte Calderaro.
Turn right and ride for 200 mt. and when you get to a curve over the bridge, take the gravelly path in front of you. Ride for 10 minutes to reach Rio Soglia.

How to get there

How to get to Medicina

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Lenght: 18 Km

Travelling time: 5 ore

Info on the tourist location

URP - Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico del Comune di Medicina
Via Libertà, 103 - 40059 Medicina (BO)
Tel: +39 051 6979111;

Fax: +39 051 6979222

Last update: 22-10-2013