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Sentiero Luca Ghini


The route starts in the main square in Casalfiumanese (Piazza Cavalli), crosses Manusardi Public Park and leads to the gully area. The path is called after Luca Ghini who was born in Casalfiumanese and is considered the founder of modern botany. His house was located along this path. The route is characterised by broom bushes, gully precipices and Rio Casale (stream Casale) flowing down in the valley. The valley then opens up to form pastures scattered with small plants of cretaceous artemisia. On the left there are vertical gullies whereas on the right the ridge is milder. The tourist will then see bushes of eglantines and hawthorns and an ancient municipal road lined with oaks and mulberries. After a brief asphalted stretch the route leads to the Ponti di Croara pass where it is possible to spot junipers, elms and some small woods. After a slope the tourist will get to the summit of Monte Maggiore (455 m) where there are the ruins of a church that was bombed during World War II and some of the trenches the Germans used in 1944.


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CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) - Imola

How to get there

How to get to Casalfiumanese


The route is not recommended in rainy periods, as the clayey path can be slippery and dangerous.

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Path length: about 7 km
Duration: 3 hours
Max. altitude: Monte Maggiore (455 m)

Due to the altitude and the low vegetation, the path offers a remarkable view of the valley of the Santerno river, Rio Mescola (Mescola river) and Sellustra stream.

Info on the tourist location

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