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Croara Gullies


The area of Croara consists of gullies formed by scaly clays and composed of very low vegetation.

Along the path from Croara to Montemaggiore you can meet a various fauna such as foxes, badgers, martens, weasels, wild boars, deers, roe deers, peregrin falcons and eagle owls.

This route was one of the major link roads with Tuscany as, running along the ridge, it allowed a good view of the valleys of Sellustra and Mescola rivers.

The path was called "Bridges of Croara" because the slope erosion narrowed the roadway so to make it impassable to vehicles drawn by animals.

To overcome this problem, poles connected by bundles of wood were driven into the ground to form a container to be filled with soil to restore the road conditions.

Halfway between the church of Croara and the ruins of the one in Montemaggiore lies a wall with a brass plaque: these are the remains of the birth place of scientist Luca Ghini, founder of modern botany.


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