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Angels' garden - Il Giardino degli Angeli



The Angels’ garden is probably the first example of green accomplishment where the most important aspect is the emotions; the choice and the planting of the plants were not a priority. It is not a botanical garden and not even a private park closed and protected where the admission fees are required: it is a public garden where particular attention is focused on the choice of the plants, avoiding those that are too delicate to grow or need too much cares. In any case, the visitor can see, closed in a confined space, pleasurable settings created by using common scents limited in commercial value or even the use of nursery discards. Perhaps in some cases, one has gone beyond the quality standards that characterize so many Italian public gardens, betting on the tenacity of the volunteers and on the sensibility and civility of the visitors. It will be possible to admire wonderful bulbs and rhizomes such as irises, hermerocallis, crocuses, tulips or narcissus. In addition, worthy of mentioning are camellias, spiraee, phyladelphus, ceanothus, cistus, gaurea buddleia, thulbaghie, ands so many types of roses. What can people say about the olive hill natural lawn? You can smell the scents of the osmanthus, viburnum, helicrism and various aromatic plants, or calicanthus. In the countryside, a few minutes from the center, you can observe the growth of agrarian cultivations according to the rotations and the natural cycle of cultivation. Aquatic plants, vegetables, fruit and ornamental trees, annuals and perennials, various kinds of shrubs, complete a somewhat assorted botanical endowment (destined to augment as time goes by), that allows people to observe a good number of varieties in a confined amount of space. Besides the botanical aspects, several curiosities confirm the deep emotions that are at the source of this location: The writing "The Garden of Angels" on the notice board at the entrance was written by...Sara. The words were taken from her elementary school exercise books. Thanks to modern technology, they were transferred to the notice board. The well, made of old stone is a faithful copy of her grandparents. The countryside gate is that of the old entrance to the former butcher's in Marconi Road found in very bad condition and timely restored, adorned e brought back to new life. The sleeping willows positioned in the heart of the garden, are Sara's favorite trees. The idea of the realization of the garden was born thanks to this remembrance. The mountain setting is inspired by Sara's last trekking and last vacation in her beloved Val di Fassa."Passo delle scalette" (railway path), the Antermoia shelter, the lake of the same name in a wonderful moonlight landscape, the form of Gran Sasso is very much reminiscent of the peak of the Catinaccio, the dominating element of the tour.


Address: via R. Tosi - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

Opening hours:

Summertime (22/05-22/09):7.00 am - 10.00 pm
Wintertime (23/09-21/05): 8.00 am - 9.00 pm

Entry ticket: free entry

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In this location, there was a lawn, until two years ago.
For some years, a girl with her book bag used to pass by this lawn to go to school. 
On January 7, 2006 that girl left us... She was only 14.
After a short time, a small garden started growing from that lawn.
Together with so many wonderful friends, we started excavating small pathways, building small hills with soil, planting trees and shrubs, placing was intended to be a gift to her and a way to thank the many people that demonstrated their closeness to our pain.
This is an oasis of peace and tranquility, where one can relax and concentrate on issues and emotions that we usually don't pay attention to, because we are so busy with everyday problems.
Flowers, trees, stones, music, fragrances have been carefully selected: we wanted to relive some moments we had together with Her, a sort of summary of a life too shortly liven, even so with unique intensity, that intensity that you can find in the homes where someone has a disease.
In addition, as the building of the garden was progressing, we realized that it wasn't right to dedicate this place to one person only: the same gentle and reserved child wouldn't have done that.
So we decided to call it "THE GARDEN OF ANGELS", a small homage to all the children and parents who had the same destiny.
Antonella and Valerio 

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