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Church of S. Mamante


The current building is the result of a whole reconstruction of the ancient parish church.

The works took place between 1735 and 1740, and they were supervised by the Bolognese architect Giuseppe Antonio Ambrosi.

The façade has a baroque structure with a Latin cross, spring volutes and rounded gable.
The succession of spurs and the lateral interlocking volumes offers a remarkable urban and architectural charm.

The interior has six side chapels in the nave and transepts in two of them. It is a great example of bolognese religious architecture in the first half of the eighteenth century.
The elegant stucco decorations by A. Callegari create a strong spatial effect to make a dramatic focus on the centrality of the altar.

The paintings and sculptures, as well as being a heritage of art of great significance, documented faith, history and succession of human affairs of a community through the centuries.

Among the works stand out: the canvas of the Napoleonic era with Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Great among the Saints Emidio; the intense canvas of 1600 with the death of S. Joseph from the work of Carlo Bononi; the picture of the farmers' patron St.Isidore by Mignani Grilli; the big picture of half of 1600, representing the Apostles at the empty tomb of Mary, and finally the Virgin of the Assumption in adoration of the Trinity, a beautiful painting or perhaps the seeds of gypsum from the Church of the Assumption.


Address: P.zza Garibaldi - 40059 Medicina (BO)

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