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Carmine's church


To the will of the Carmelite Fathers, architect Giuseppe Antonio Torri built the church starting from 1696.
The "old church” attached to the convent, was considered inadequate to the importance of the Carmelites in Medicina.

After several projects, it was chosen to raise the new church in the most suitable place, even if a public road separated the buildings.
To overcome the problem, the monks were allowed to make some underpasses between the convent and church.
Many legends were told for a long time.

The construction of the church lasted until 1724, when it was solemnly blessed. The exterior has a Latin cross with a high octagonal lantern. 
It stands for vertical momentum and consistency between the architectural volumes that intentionally attract the heraldic image of Mount Carmel, which is repeated on the gable of the facade and belfry of the tunnel, on the side.

The facade, completed in the second half of the 1700, is organized into a single "giant order" that enhances its majestic elevation.
The interior was realized according to the project of Torri, with changes in the sizes of windows and design of stucco, and according to variations designed by Alfonso Torreggiani.
Internally, the space is enhanced and enlarged with wisdom and it maintains elegant proportions, solemnity and nobility: stuccos for architectural ornaments by Antonio Callegari, 4 statues of popes Carmelites in the altars of the transept by Filippo Scandellari, angels and the great statues of Elijah and Elisha in the magnificent altarpiece greater by Angelo Piò.

Inside the church, the eighteenth-century paintings are still kept in their original place. They were executed by the major bolognese painters of the time on the will of the Carmelites. All the paintings explain spiritual history of the order.

The iconography is readable from the entrance to the apse.

Two blades by Ercole Graziani are placed in the first two chapels on the right and on the left, respectively dedicated to St. Simone Stoch receiving the scapular of the Virgin, and to St. Pietro Toma, key figures of the West Carmel.

There are two chapels, one devoted to the great mystics Saints Teresa, Andrea Corsini and Ursula, painted by Girolamo Gatti, the other dedicated to S. Martyr and St. Angelo Alberto, painted by Giuseppe Marchesi.

In the third altar on the left, there is a pale by Antonio Rossi, representing the Virgin and St. Maria Maddalena de 'Pazzi. In the corresponding right altar there's only a cross symbolising the great Carmelite spirituality.


Address: Via Libertà - 40059 Medicina (BO)

Opening hours: only during exhibitions, concerts or meetings.

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The church is in the town center.

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Tel.: +39 051 851154 (parrocchia di S.Mamante)

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