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Church of S.Eustachio Martire


Originally there was one church of the Benedictine order, dedicated to S. Eustachio, 1 km west of Mordano, where we now find the Chaplaincy of S. Francesco.
In the fourteenth century, the inhabitants decided to build a new church, the current building, rebuilt in the seventeenth century.
The current church was built in 1766 in eighteenth-century style.

The internal structure has a single nave ending in an apse, built after World War II.
On the sides of the aisle there are six chapels, three on each side: in the first chapel on the left ther's a painting of the "Baptism of Jesus" where we can see the crest of Mordano, a dragon and an arrow.
In the apse is preserved the image of "Our Lady of Grace", an interesting fresco of the fifteenth century Bolognese school that was carried in procession in the eighteenth century.
Is also appreciable the "subject of the Eucharist", dating from the fifteenth century, to the right of the apse and holographic pictures of the cross on the columns.

The church was completely restored between 1973 and 1974.


Address: via S. Eustachio - 40027 Mordano (BO)

How to get there

How to get to Mordano.


Follow SS. 610 "Selice-Montanara" towards Massa Lombarda-Lugo-Ravenna. After 7 km take SP. 53 "Bivio Selice-Mordano" up to the center of Mordano.

Info on the tourist location

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