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Villa Marcona


Villa Marcona is on the low hills of Imola. In front of the villa there's a large park composed of tall trees.

Villa Marcona dates back to 1794. Probably the architect Cosimo Morelli, commissioned by Toschi-Della Volpe family, as well as the country villa of the family, has designed it.

The external facade of the villa has a very simple architectural volume with plastered masonry, as required by the style of manors.

The central hall is designed by Morelli and frescoed by Alessandro Della Nave; a room with double volume presents an illusionistic play between real columns and painted columns.

All this testifies the typical scenic tradition of Romagna in the eighteenth century and the fact that the room was used as a party hall.

The outbuildings, such as the well and the stables, have characteristic sawtooth bricks frames.

A park leading down to the road surrounds the entire complex.


Address: Via Calanco, 29-31 - 40060 Dozza (BO)

Opening hours: The villa is not open to the public

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Tel.: +39 0542 678240 (Rocca)
Fax: +39 0542 678270 (Assessorato al turismo del Comune di Dozza)

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