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Study and Documentation Center of the Painted Wall


Dozza's fortress houses Study and Documentation Center of the Painted Wall in its rooms. The collection houses the original sketches of all the frescoes decorating the village's walls. The first sketches date back to 1960, when the Biennial Exhibition of the Painted Wall was held for the first time.

Moreover, the art gallery features some paintings removed from the walls to prevent them from deteriorating. Worth special mention the sketches by renowned painters such as Matta, Mascellani, Saetti, Sassu, Keizo, Pozzati, Tournquist and Licata, etc. 


Address: P.le della Rocca, 1 - 40060 Dozza (BO)

Reservation required : 0542-678240 or 


Standard / Winter time: Monday-Saturday 10.00 -13.00 and 14.00-18.00; Sunday and holidays 10.00 - 19.30;

Daylight saving time / Summer time: Monday-Saturday 10.00 -13.00 and 14.00 - 19.00; Sunday and holidays 10.00 - 19.30;

Standard / Winter time: Feriali 10.00 -13.00 e 14.00-18.00; Festivi 10.00 - 19.30;

Closing day: No

Opening periods: Open all year round. Closed on Christmas Day and New Year's morning.



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The Gallery is inside Dozza's Fortress.

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Tel.:  +39 0542 678116

Fax: +39 0542 678270

Last update: 12-11-2021