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Memorial to the fallen of the Wars in 1915-1918, 1911 and 1936


The inscription sais:

"The country will return in the bounds signed by nature.

The Municipality devotes to posterity the glorious braves that gave their life for such great undertaking"


Address: Via XX Settembre, 37 - 40060 Dozza (BO)

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The memorial is on the external wall of the Town Hall, on the main entrance.

It's dedicated to the fallen of May, 24th and November, 4th 1918, to the fallen of Libyan war in June, 10th 1911 and to the fallen of the war in Ethiopia in 1936.

Info on the Tourist location

Fondazione Dozza Città d'Arte
Piazzale della Rocca, 6/a – 40050 Dozza (BO)
Tel.: +39 0542 678240


Comune di Dozza
Via XX Settembre, 37 – 40050 Dozza (BO)

Tel.: +39 0542 678116 - 678351; Fax: +39 0542 678270 -


URP - Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico del Comune di Dozza
Piazza Libertà, 3 - Località Toscanella, 40060 Dozza (BO)
Tel.: +39 0542 672408; Fax: +39 0542 672293

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