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Madonna del Calanco sanctuary


The sanctuary of the Virgin of Calanco is 1 km far from Dozza on the so called "gully" and dates back to 1699, when local shepherds found an image of the Virgin.
The Virgin began to manifest herself with the healing of a cripple.
The man, trying to reach a famous doctor got lost and fell asleep beneath the picture and the next day he found himself cured.
After several miracolous events, the inhabitants of Dozza built the church.

The Virgin Mary appears in a 20 cm oval white plaster panel.
The image is finely carved and surrounded by angels playing musical instruments.
At the end of 18th century, the French government ordered the dismantling of all the sacred buildings on the area.
The Toschi family who bought it and all its holy vessels saved the Sanctuary.
This historical moment is commemorated by an inscription placed on the inside right of the sanctuary.
It was restored for the first time after the First World War and then after the Second World War and returned to its old form without the side altars and the biggest covered with marble.
Since 1723, the Virgin of Calanco is carried in procession on the day of the parton of Dozza, which coincides with Pentecost.
Only this time, for a week, it is visible to the public.
The rest of the sanctuary is not accessible because of private property.


Address: Via Calanco - 40060 Dozza (BO)

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