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Oratory of Madonna del Sudore


The Madonna del Sudore was first worshipped in Ravenna in very ancient times. According to the legend, a sacred image of the Virgin was housed in the niche of a tavern.

An angry soldier that had lost his money because of gambling, hit the Virgin's face and blood started gushing from the wound.

On 15 June 1675 Andrea Merighi from Ravenna donated a copy of the image to Pietro Monti from Castel del Rio.

The original painting is on wood while Castel del Rio's copy is on canvas.

The Madonna del Sudore's worship became widespread among Castel del Rio's inhabitants so that it was decided to built an oratory in her honour.

In 1684 a procession was held to celebrate the laying of the foundation-stone. The oratory was rapidly built also thanks to people's donations.

The first Mass was served in the new church only three years later, in 1687.

The oratory was erected exactly on the ruins of the Church of Saint Ambrose (Sant'Ambrogio) dating back to the early Middle Age and housing the Alidosi's tombs.
Inside, the church is decorated in Baroque style. A beautiful wooden niche houses the sacred image of the Madonna.

The oratory was renovated in 1874 and 1915. In 1924-25 the sacristy was restored and an elegant façade was added.

In the façade are two memorial tablets with the 74 names of Castel del Rio's inhabitants who died during the First World War.

Lastly, in 1930-31 an iron fence was added.


Address: Piazza della Repubblica - 40022 Castel del Rio (BO)

Opening hours: Everyday at 8 pm in May.

How to get there

How to get to Castel del Rio


The Oratory is located on the right next to Palazzo Alidosi, at the northern entrance of the town, only a few yards from Piazza della Repubblica. A public unsupervised parking lot and a bus stop (no. 141) are available in the square.

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A village fair celebrating the Madonna del Sudore is held every August on the 5th.

A legend tells that in the summer of 1675 a peasant was labouring in a small field near Castel del Rio when he found an image of the Madonna with a bleeding cheek. Then, a white-clad lady appeared and ordered him to go back to the village and announce that she wanted to be worshipped in that place.

The peasant obeyed but nobody believed him. A few days later the field where the image had been found was covered by abundant snow.

The news of this exceptional event spread rapidly. One hundred foot soldiers arrived to Castel del Rio from Ravenna asking for the sacred image.

The inhabitants granted their request. Today the image is housed in the Cathedral of Ravenna.

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