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Fiagnano Belfry and Castle


Fiagnano is located on the ridge of the gullies separating the stream Sellustra from the stream Sillaro. It was once known as "Maleto" due to the same-named markets (mercati di Maleto) which usually took place nearby. In 1092 there was a settlement ruled by the Church of Imola which was conquered by the Bolognese in 1332. It was later occupied by Barnabò Visconti (in 1350) and destroyed by the inhabitants of Imola in 1365. Alberico from Barbiano rebuilt in 1405 and again Baldassarre Costa demolished it a few years later.
The church, the municipality, the castle and the hospital of Fiagnano underwent a period of so much decadence that in 1845 the Oratory of Perdonanza, whose sacristy had already collapsed, was in a zone completely occupied by gullies.
On these beautiful Pliocene gullies stand the remains of the old church belfry and of the castle. Fiagnano was the birthplace of Lamberto Scannabecchi who was to become Pope with the name of Onorio II. Also known as Lamberto from Fiagnano, he ruled from 1126 to 1130.


Address: Via dei Mercati - 40020 Casalfiumanese (BO)

How to get there

How to get to Casalfiumanese


The ruins of the Fiagnano belfry and castle are located near Via dei Mercati (a municipal road). They can be reached from San Martino in Pedriolo (following Via Fiagnano) and from Valsellustra (running along Via della Villa).

Info on the tourist location

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