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Ruins of three castles nearby Sassoleone


The ruins of the three castles are located near Sassoleone, in the mountainous area of the Municipality of Casalfiumanese. 
The Castellaccio di Ronco (Castrum Ronchi) was built in 1254 by the Imolese and destroyed in 1420 by the Papal troops led by Braccio da Montone. Its inhabitants found themselves in discord with those of the Castello di Codronco (Castrum Codronchi), built in 1216. Ronco's inhabitants got allied with the Guelph Comune of Bologna whereas Codronco's inhabitants became loyal to the Ghibelline Comune of Imola. The Bolognese destroyed the castle of Codronco in 1280 but Imola's people rebuilt it three years later and again the Bolognese occupied and fortified it in 1298. It fell under the control of Church of Imola from 1311 to 1349. It became the possession of several lordships before passing under the Holy See. Today, only a round tower, brief stretches of walls and an underground room of the castle of Codronco are left.
The Castle of Sassatello (Castrum Saxadelli), located on an spur of the Chalk Vein, already existed around 1000. The Sassatelli family owned it until 1198 when it was conquered by the Bolognese. It was later occupied by the inhabitants of Imola and was taken over by the Comune of Bologna in 1248 and, in 1296, by the Ghibellines of Romagna who finally left it to the Bolognese.

How to get there

How to get to Casalfiumanese


Run along Via Maddalena, starting 2 km before Fontanelice. After the bridge on the river Santerno and the ancient church of Filetto, the road goes up crooked and a bit past the locality of Risaldino (but before the church of Maddalena) on the right is a small mount at the bottom of which an old residence (interesting from an architectural point of view) is located, even though it is not visible from the asphalted road. On the top of the mount are the overgrown ruins of the Castellaccio di Ronco (Castle of Ronco).

It is about 1 km away from the Castellaccio di Ronco, on the left side of Via Maddalena.

Run along Via Maddalena and take the Provincial Road Sillaro-Bordona up to Sassoleone. Keeping on the right towards Fontanelice you turn around a hill on which stood the Rocca di Monte Morosino. A few kilometres after Sassoleone, on the left, you can glimpse the ruins of an old residence surrounded by ancient walls: that is what is left of the Castle of Sassatello.

Info on the Tourist location

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