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Memorial tombstones of World War II


On the municipal territory of Casalfiumanese are four memorial tombstones of the Second World War.

In SAN MARTINO IN PEDRIOLO is a memorial tombstone erected at the end of the war in memory of what happened in this hamlet during the summer of 1944. A squad of the SAP (a division of the Resistance partisans), generally operating in Budrio, was passing through this area to reach the mountain bases of the 66th Garibaldi Brigade. A spy working for the Germans warned the enemy commando about the presence of some partisans camped near the stream Sillaro. Three of them managed to run away but five were captured by the Nazi who interrogated, tortured and then killed them on the shore of the torrent on 1 July 1944.

In SASSOLEONE is a memorial tombstone erected after the Liberation War in memory of those of its inhabitants who died on 24 September 1944. On 23 September, during a gunfight with the 62nd Garibaldi Brigade near Sassoleone, a German driver and official were killed. The retaliation was immediate: on the following day the SS rose from Castel San Pietro and set on fire some deserted buildings. They then headed for Sassoleone where they took the few people remaining (3 men, 15 women and 3 children) and killed them under the bell tower which they later bombarded. They finally sacked the farmhouses of the surrounding area killing 31 people.

In CASALFIUMANESE there are two monuments dedicated to the Resistance. The first has two tombstones with the names of the victims from Casale of the First and Second World War. The second is constituted by a half-length body executed by Germano Sartelli, an artist from Imola, and representing Armando Cavalli, who militated in the 8th Brigade Romagna Garibaldi.


Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am-12.00am, Thursday 3.00pm-6.00pm, except in july and august.

How to get there

How to get to Casalfiumanese


Drive along SP Viara (Viara Provincial Road) from Castel San Pietro in direction Sassoleone. The memorial stone is right after the inhabited area of San Martino, on the left.

The memorial stone is located in Sassoleone, in the ancient square of the castle (it can be reached running along Via Martiri della Rappresaglia), at the foot of the ancient bell tower.

There are two monuments dedicated to the Resistance, both located in the main square of the town (Piazza Cavalli): one is near the initial part of Via Croara, the other is on the side of the town hall.

Info on the Tourist location

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