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Manusardi Park


The park surrounds Villa Manusardi, a 19th century building which belonged to a well-known family of Milanese bankers.

Restored in 1980, it now houses a Secondary School.

The garden underwent almost no change, only some trees and recreational equipment were added. The park can be divided into two parts.

South-east, is a level area located in front of the villa, close to SP Andrea Costa and the stream Casale while a mild slope connects this level area to the Casale valley.

The level area is grassy with high-trunk trees lining the paths. Two rows of high pines line the SP Andrea Costa near the parking area.

The slope is characterised by spontaneous vegetation, typical of the Mediterranean: shrubs, bushes and trees such as pines, cypresses, olives, oaks and holm-oaks.
On the right shore of the stream Casale stands private estate Masolini and the same-named 19th century villa. The villa, inhabited by the heirs of the Counts Masolini, has a wonderful garden which is open to visitors.

Its main attraction is the "Fontanone" (big fountain), a 19th century swimming pool with a stone dressing-room.

How to get there

How to get to Casalfiumanese


There are various entrances to the park: turning left after the bridge over Rio Casale, running along SP Andrea Costa up to the Primary School and then running straight into the path, or up to the Secondary School in front of the town hall (large parking area nearby) or from the moto-cross field.

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